By its standards, it will be one of the most important industrial and commercial complexes in the world. It will bring a whole new perspective to business life with its architecture, infrastructure, location, social areas and technology.


The ISTMALL project was planned to be implemented worthy of the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

It will be the pioneer of modern and reliable industrial projects needed for Turkey to be one of the 10 largest economies in the world and to be a country that exports $ 500 billion. When it is finished, it will be an exemplary industrial and commercial complex for both İkitelli and all of Turkey.


ISTMALL will offer many advantages to industrial and commercial enterprises with its participation in the OSB.

  • Incentive Opportunities
  • Cheap Electricity Use
  • Cheap Natural Gas Use
  • Disposal Of Solid And Liquid Waste

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Project: İSTMALL

Location: İkitelli, İSTANBUL

Total Area: 118.000 m2

Project Ending Date: 2023


ISTMALL will be one of the most valuable parts of the basin that will receive investment with its location close to Kanal Istanbul and close to new city projects that will change the face of Istanbul, as well as neighboring districts that are developing very quickly, such as Kayaşehir and Başakşehir. In addition, projects such as Istanbul's largest hospital ikitelli City Hospital and the Olympic Village are located in the same area.

ISTMALL is next to the airports that connect Turkey to the world. 3 kilometers from Ataturk Airport and the new 3. Its location close to the airport promises a great investment opportunity.


İSTMALL is in the center of the transportation network, which is the lifeblood of Istanbul. Visitors and employees can easily reach İSTMALL with alternative public transport options.

The advantages of public transportation will increase with the new tram and metro lines included in the 2016 projection of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.